Where Does My Trash Go After A Trash Removal?

What Types of Trash Go Where?

Do you ever wonder what our trash removal process is like and where your stuff ends up?  Most of the time, we don’t even think about what happens to our stuff after we get rid of it.  We just throw it away without ever considering what happens next.  If you have a trash problem, you can hire our team at Junk Pros NY to do your trash removal.

What does Junk Pros NY do with my trash?

When we answer a trash removal call, we try to minimize the amount of trash we take to landfills.  We accomplish this by sorting items and taking them to the proper facilities where they can be reused or recycled rather than disposing of them at a landfill.  However, not all items can be saved from ending up in a landfill.

Recyclable plastics

We look through our loads for recyclable items because we know how important it is to put used items back to good use again.  Making plastic with recycled plastics saves up to 66% energy!  That’s pretty significant if you ask us.  It’s almost a guarantee that a lot of the trash we pick up contains recyclable plastics.


Clothing is an easy category to sort.  As you organize your house or do spring cleaning, you’ll likely come across clothing you don’t want and set it aside.  Keep these items separated from the rest to ensure they don’t end up in a landfill.  Textiles are almost always recyclable and if left in a landfill to decompose, release toxic gases as they break down.  Many charities that will take old clothing.  Junk Pros NY tries to keep these items separate so they can be taken to donation centers.


Electronic waste includes anything with a plug and associated components: computer equipment, gaming consoles, appliances, TVs, and more.  According to The Balance Small Business,  electronics “represents 2 percent of waste stream discarded in American landfills, but it equals around 70 percent of toxic waste.”  A lot of these items have parts that can be taken apart and used again, lessening the amount of toxic waste stored in landfills.

Gently-used Home Goods

These aren’t the only items that we try to keep out of landfills.  There are many useful items in your trash.  Donation centers accept a lot of household objects, furniture pieces, and appliances.  Additionally, scrap metals and building materials could be reused at the proper facilities.

Our team prioritizes sorting our trash removal items and doing our part to contribute to the health and longevity of our environment.  You can help, too, by pre-sorting some of your items or by improving your waste removal habits (compost leftover foods, separate plastics, and garbage, etc.).

What happens to my trash in landfills?

Landfills are considered temporary storage, not the end destination of our waste.  They aren’t designed to promote decomposition of waste, although it does happen slowly.  Bacteria in landfills release methane, which is a harmful gas, especially when it reaches the ground.  Many landfills line the ground underneath the waste to prevent liquids from seeping into the ground.  When the landfill has reached capacity, it is covered with clay, a plastic covering, and then several feet of dirt which vegetation is then planted on.  This method of waste removal is intended to isolate the trash from the environment, not promote decomposition.  Other methods of waste removal include dumps, where waste is put in or on the ground, and burning the waste.

This is just a basic explanation of how many landfills work, but there is a lot of information out there if you’re curious about this process.  Remember to be conscientious of where your waste ends up.  Take steps to recycle, donate, and compost when you can.  And when you have too much trash to manage on your own, let us know.  Junk Pros NY would be happy to help you get rid of your items.  When we do so, we will take what steps we can to recycle and donate as many items as we can.

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