Construction Debris Removal

Every great construction project will generate trash and need construction debris removal. Therefore, we have done our best to create a simple process. For home builders looking to get rid of scrap wood or drywall, we’ve got your back. If you are a company that is building decks and have an old decking that needs to be hauled off, we’ve got you covered, too. Lastly, for you DIYers that get satisfaction from doing work yourself, let us take care of your debris.

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Types of Construction Debris We Remove

We remove all types of construction debris. If it’s not hazardous, we likely have you covered. We even have a skid steer or excavator we can bring out for larger projects. Here are some of the types of debris we remove:

  1. Drywall
  2. Shingles
  3. Scrap Wood
  4. Concrete/Asphalt
  5. Tile
  6. Toilets
  7. Tubs (Including cast iron)
  8. Metal
  9. Air Conditioning Units
  10. And more…

Hazardous Material

Material we are not allowed to haul includes paint, motor oil, antifreeze, solvents, and chemicals considered to be hazardous. We have to have a HAZMAT License and special containment systems to safely haul those items because we are a commercial hauler. Therefore, if you need to get rid of those items keep an eye out for Household Hazardous Waste Drop Off Events.

Construction Debris Recycling Initiative

We try to recycle as much debris as we possibly can. However, we can’t say that we recycle all of the material we bring in but we do our best to recycle as much as possible. Moreover, we are able to recycle several types of debris such as:

Items to be reused:

  1. Scrap Wood: Not all scrap wood can be reused/recycled, but wood that is in good condition and in reasonable lengths can be taken to the Habitat Re-Store.

Items to be recycled:

  1. Concrete: Although Junk Pros NY doesn’t remove a large volume of concrete, we are able to recycle much of what we take in for the smaller jobs we do. We have partnered with Recycle Depot where the material is turned into aggregate.
  2. Metal: Any metal generated from your job will be dropped off at a local scrap facility to be recycled into other items.

We’re often surveying the items we are removing. For the debris that cannot be recycled, we will evaluate to determine if it can be taken to the re-store. Some debris will have to be disposed of, but rest assured, unlike many of our competitors, we are only using licensed landfills to responsibly dispose of your debris. You won’t find it on the side of the road like we’ve heard of with our competitors.

How Can I Prepare for Junk Pros NY?

We get this question often. Therefore, we’ve got a well rehearsed answer: You don’t have to do anything! Our team has the tools and manpower to load your debris. For example, we can bag it up in trash bags. Further, we can bring it out of the home or out of the back yard. And, we can cut it using a Sawzall to fit it in the truck. Lastly, we can use our wheel barrow to bring it around if it is too heavy. In summary, you don’t have to do anything.

Are There Nominal Fees?

However, if what you’d like us to do is going to take more than a few minutes, there will likely be a nominal charge for the extra effort. Don’t worry though; all pricing is given upfront so there will be no late surprises. With all that said, you’ll be able to relax while we take care of the heavy lifting.

How Does Pricing Work?

Most of the construction debris jobs we do have pretty simple pricing. We base the price simply on the amount of space the debris takes up in the rear of our truck. However, there could be some extra fees for the following:

  1. A lot of extremely dense material. For example, concrete, tile, shingles, etc.
  2. Boards that are too long. We will cut the boards for you. However, that does take time. Therefore, expect some added fees for that extra labor.
  3. A long walk from the truck. There will be an extra charge if the debris is far from our truck. For example, this generally occurs if we have to go well into your backyard to complete your construction debris removal.

How to Schedule Construction Debris Removal with Us

  • Call us at 845-891-5865 to book a construction debris removal appointment.
  • Next, we’ll call 30 minutes from arrival.
  • We’ll give you a no-obligation quote once we know more about your debris and see it for ourselves.
  • After you approve, we will start working hard to make sure your home is junk-free.

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