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Junk Pros NY provides the highest quality junk removal, light demolition, and junk hauling services in the Hudson Valley area. As a local junk removal provider focused on customer service we guarantee that you will be happy with our services. Scroll down to find out more about Junk Pros NY!



It all started with the idea of providing Poughkeepsie and the surrounding areas with affordable, quality, and eco-friendly junk removal and even dumpster bag services. Robert and Kerry founded Junk Pros NY with this vision in mind in May 2017; today, these values are still the foundation of how we conduct business. Professionalism and integrity are qualities we value. It’s a thrill to have been able to service hundreds within their Poughkeepsie NY community; we aspire to continue providing this same, great quality of service to their customers. Junk Pros NY does so by treating customers with the utmost respect, arriving on time, and standing by our word; this means that we won’t include hidden fees in their pricing or fall through on our promises. That’s the most important thing to know about Junk Pros NY!

Junk Pros NY understands the importance of giving back. Whatever items we receive, we always look for ways to donate or recycle them. This way, Junk Pros NY not only helps transform the lives of our customers, but we’re also helping others who are less fortunate. By doing so, we’re also able to run a more eco-friendly business. These sustainable business practices are just one example of Junk Pros NY’s commitment to quality.

While others may only be interested in profit, Junk Pros NY is not content until you are. We don’t consider any job a success until the customer is satisfied. After every job is completed, the one question Robert always asks is “Were they happy?” You can be confident that this commitment to quality is unwavering. Our drive is to be able to service our community in the Hudson Valley and exceed the customer’s highest expectations for junk removal. Dedication to satisfaction is our priority.

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Because Junk Pros NY is trusted by so many in the community, we are able to meet and interact with different kinds of people everyday. For us, this is the most integral aspect of junk removal, since it constantly reminds us how we can better serve the community. Because Junk Pros NY listens to what you have to say, we’re better able to equip our truck, team, and tools to serve our beloved city. It humbles Robert, Kerry, and the rest of the Junk Pros NY team that we are able to learn so much each day through our interactions with customers and continue to provide affordable junk removal services.

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Junk Pros NY views junk removal as a way to service the community on a daily basis. This continued effort has allowed us to improve the lives of our valued customers in a multitude of ways. One customer, who had lived in his home for over 40 years, was needing to downsize and get rid of a lot of his possessions. He was wary of anything being broken or mishandled. However, just like you, Junk Pros NY cares about your belongings. Customers trust us because they know they can rely on Junk Pros NY. We carefully loaded items into our truck and hauled them off. It’s our privilege to walk alongside you and the memories you’ve experienced; oftentimes, possessions are integral to these memories. Junk Pros NY understands that, and will always handle your items with care. To schedule your junk removal appointment or learn more about Junk Pros NY, call 845-891-5865 or “Book Now” using our online booking tool.