Junk Removal in Patterson

Patterson Junk Removal by Junk Pros keeps the Patterson community clean. We are proud to be in the Patterson area. Patterson is a clean town with some beautiful scenery, such as Wonder Lake State Park and Watchtower Education Center. We are here to do our part to keep Patterson junk-free by removing your old furniture, electronics, and more.

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Where We Take the Junk We Haul in Patterson

We here at Junk Pros do our best to be friendly to the environment. When we remove your rubbish from Patterson we generally do a combination of the following:

    1. Donate:

      We work with Habitat for Humanity in Poughkeepsie and Newburgh often. There are also various other charities that we can take items that are in good shape such as dressers, couches, clothing, etc. Keep in mind the items must be in like new or lightly used condition. If you don’t want them because they are damaged or dirty the donation center will not either.

    2. Recycle: We have several recycling facility throughout the area that we use. Baroni Recycling is one of our preferred recycling facilities. We take many electronics and any type of metal to these scrap yards. There they separate the types of material and it will get recycled.
    3. Dispose of it: This is our final option for your junk removal Patterson items. With landfill space at a premium, we do our best to keep items from the landfill. Not only because we are good stewards of the environment, but there is also a huge financial benefit for us. Since we only use licensed facilities for your trash, we have to pay about $125 per ton for disposal. If we can divert some of that trash to recycling centers and donation centers it saves us money! The benefits are two fold.

***Many small haulers illegally dump items. If you come across a junk removal company who is significantly cheaper than Junk Pros you should expect to find your trash on the side of the road. Patterson is beautiful town. Keep it that way by hiring a junk removal Patterson company with a good reputation. ***

Who is Junk Pros NY?

Junk Pros is owned by Robert and Kerry Desena and based just outside of Patterson. We work with property management companies, residential customers, office complexes, apartment facilities, and more. We have a 5 star rating on Google and over 100 reviews among the different platforms.

The owners of Junk Pros are from this area, live in this area, love this area, and want to do the right thing for our neighbors in Patterson! We’d be honored to have the chance to remove your junk.

How Does Junk Removal Work?

Junk removal services in Patterson can be completed using our simple process here at Junk Pros. Here’s how it works.

Set an appointment

Step number one is calling us to schedule an appointment. We work Monday through Sunday and schedule in two hour arrival windows for junk removal in Patterson. We are sure to have a slot that will work well for you.

Courtesy call when on way

The second step is on us. We are going to call you when on the way to you. That way we aren’t holding you hostage for the entire two hour arrival window. Go to eat, go to the store, stay at work, or stay asleep until we call. We won’t show up at your home unannounced.

Quote the job and load the truck

The third step is also ours to take. We’re going to look at everything you have and give you a firm price. Pricing is mostly determined by the volume of space your items take up in our truck. We will go anywhere we need in order to remove your items. We will let you know the price up front. Our team will also tidy up the work area before leaving.


To wrap up and say goodbye to your junk for good, all you need to do is settle up so we can get out of your hair. In order to make it convenient for you, we accept most major forms of payment, including cash, credit cards, and checks.  Just pay with your preferred method and we’ll get your junk gone asap.

You smile!

The fifth and final step is yours. That’s where you look at our truck leaving and smile. You get to enjoy the feeling of being junk free!

When Can I Get Started?

We’re in Patterson removing rubbish seven days a week. Simply pick up the phone and give us a call. We do our best to get you booked on the same or next day if you need it. If you have any questions, our team would be happy to go over any other details or concerns.

See you soon!

About Patterson  Junk Removal with Junk Pros NY

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  • After you approve our estimate, Junk Pros NY will get straight to work. Your junk will disappear before your eyes!
  • All you need now is to plan how you’ll utilize your newly cleared space!

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