Bed Bug Clean Outs

Did you finally get rid of your bed bugs? Now what are you supposed to do with your stuff that was once infested? If you don’t want it anymore, Junk Pros NY can help.

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Junk Pros NY Bed Bug Trash Clean Out

You did everything you were supposed to do to get rid of your bed bugs. You bagged and sealed all the clutter in your room, steamed all of your furniture and your mattress, and made sure all the bugs were dead. But, now what do you do with all the sealed garbage bags of bed bug infested clutter or the mattress you’d just rather replace than keep using?

That’s where we come in. Our team is capable of safely disposing of items that were once infested by bed bugs or items that may still be infested as long as they’re tightly sealed away.

Quick Turnaround

Any of Junk Pros NY’s services are speedy! Booking with us means you can have your bed bug trash removed in no time. We can usually come out to your property within 24 hours. When scheduling an appointment that deals with bed bugs, our team needs to know beforehand so we can bring the proper gear and attire to your job.

Now that you know how fast you can get rid of your bed bug infested items, there’s no reason to wait. Our team can help you get this task checked off your list in no-time.

Bed Bug Clean Out Costs

Bed bug item removal is priced based on how much you have us remove. Our price is determined by the amount of space your items take up in the back of our truck. When we arrive at your property, we’ll examine the items you want us to take and give you a firm estimate on the removal cost.

No Hidden Costs or Fees!

You’ll always know what to expect when you book with us. We make sure you don’t face any surprises at payment time. We never raise the price on items we quoted or have any hidden costs. You can count on transparency at every removal job done by Junk Pros NY.

Contact Junk Pros NY Today

Eager to get these items away from your home? We understand! Let’s get something set up so we can work on this together. Booking an appointment with Junk Pros NY is easy. You can set something up online or call us to go over your availability. We will try to find a time that day or the next day to perform your removal job.

Get In Touch with the Pros

So, get in touch! It’s time to clean up your house from anything that may have been infested by bed bugs. With help from a team of professionals, you can get this done without lifting a finger. There’s no reason to put it off any longer. Get started with us today!

About Bed Bug Clean Out with Junk Pros NY

  • Call our team Junk Pros NY at 845-891-5865 to set up your bed bug clean out for old items today.
  • Our team will provide a firm, upfront quote before loading a single item.
  • Once you approve our quote,we’ll get started and load everything up and away into our truck.
  • You’ll never have to worry about these items again!

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