When and How To Get Rid of Your Mattress

Mattress Removal and Replacement Tips

How long have you been sleeping on your current mattress?  Odds are, you’ve probably been sleeping on it for too long.  Mattresses aren’t built to last forever, as nice as that would be.  In general, they need to be replaced every 5-10 years.  Replacing your mattress every so often ensures that you’re getting the best night’s sleep you can!  If you aren’t sure whether its time to replace your mattress or the best way to accomplish your mattress removal, Junk Pros NY prepared this helpful list.

You May Need To Replace Your Mattress If…

  • You regularly experience back pain.  Back pain is often associated with poor mattress quality.  If you wake up feeling stiff and achy, it could be because of your mattress.  Old beds are notorious for making our backs hurt.  Additionally, if you have a condition that causes back pain unrelated to your mattress, the wrong mattress could drastically worsen your symptoms.
  • You feel lumps, bumps, or springs.  Do you roll over some nights and feel a lump sticking into your back?  That isn’t supposed to happen.  Feelings lumps or the springs in your mattress means it has seen it’s day.  Who wants to lay on a bumpy, uneven, or even sharp surface every night?
  • You just aren’t comfortable.  Do you sink into your mattress too much?  Is it too firm to sink into at all?  If you aren’t happy with the way your mattress feels, you should consider replacing it.  Rest is such an important part of our lives that we shouldn’t settle for a poor night’s sleep.
  • You have persistent bed bugs.  This might go without saying, but if you end up with bed bugs, you’ll want them gone!  There are ways to get rid of bed bugs without throwing out your mattress.  However, if you find that they keep coming back, you might need to resort to removing and replacing your mattress and bed frame.
  • You’ve had it for too long. In addition to general wear and tear, our mattresses collect dead skin cells, dust mites, bodily fluids, and allergens over the years.  You may have never realized that your mattress could be one of the contributing factors to your allergies!

Ways To Get Rid of Your Mattress

  • Haul it to a disposal center If you have a truck or a vehicle capable of hauling a mattress, consider simply disposing of it yourself.  This might require some research because many centers don’t accept mattresses.  Others charge a disposal fee.  After you do your homework, if you’re able to find a waste center or recycling center near you that is willing to take the mattress, this is a great choice to get it off your hands!
  • Sell it or give it away.  If your mattress is still in good condition but just isn’t working for you, it might work for someone else! A used mattress with minimal wear could be a huge blessing to someone who needs it.
  • Take it apart yourself.  If you have the time and energy, you may even want to take the mattress apart so you can easily transport it or throw it away.  You can cut the mattress at the seams to start breaking it down.  Once cut off, you can easily throw away the fabric, along with the foam that was inside the mattress.  Then you’re left with the wooden frame and box springs.  You can turn the wood into wood chips or dispose or cut them into manageable pieces to dispose of.  Springs could be recycled or sold for scraps.  Here is a more detailed explanation if you plan to take your mattress apart yourself.
  • Take it to a donation center.  A lot of charities  would be happy to take a mattress that is still in good condition to give to someone who needs it.  There may be a donation center near you that accepts such donations.
  • Let someone else pick it up for you.  If you don’t want to deal with your mattress any longer, you can let someone else deal with it.  Our team at Junk Pros NY can offer you a full-service mattress removal.  That means we can meet you at your property, load it into our truck, and haul it to a proper facility while you stay seated on the couch!  We’ll even take your bed frame, box spring, and anything else you need to be removed.

If you’d like to discuss setting up a mattress removal with our team, just give us a call.  Junk Pros NY would be happy to discuss pricing and appointment availability.  Let’s get rid of your old mattress as soon as possible!