Understanding Why People Keep Stuff

Have you ever wondered why we keep things we don’t really need? It’s common to end up with lots of stuff around our homes. Junk Pros NY is a company that helps remove junk in Poughkeepsie, New York. We get why people sometimes hold onto things, and we’re here to help you tidy up. In this article, we’ll talk about why some folks have a hard time letting go of things and how we can assist you in getting rid of unnecessary stuff.

Inside the Mind of a Hoarder – Learning About the Brain:

Imagine you have trouble throwing away even the most useless things. That’s how some people feel, and there’s a scientific reason for it. Researchers have studied the brains of these individuals and found something interesting. When they have to decide whether to keep something or toss it, certain parts of their brains act differently than in others.

A study looked at the brains of people with hoarding issues. These brains had unusual activity in areas linked to making decisions when things are uncertain and dealing with feelings. This tells us that hoarding might be connected to how these brain parts work.

Understanding the Hoarding Habit:

You might have seen TV shows about hoarders who collect too much stuff. They can’t throw things away, even if they’re no longer useful. This habit is tied to different psychological challenges, like struggling to pay attention and making choices. It’s surprising, but some hoarders actually want everything to be perfect and worry about making wrong decisions.

Learning from Brain Scans:

Scientists used special machines to scan the brains of people with hoarding issues. They also looked at the brains of others without this problem. They asked these people to make choices about keeping or throwing away junk mail and newspapers.

What they found was interesting. People with hoarding problems had a hard time deciding to throw things away. They felt anxious, unsure, and sad when choosing. Their brain activity also changed. When they decided about their own things, certain brain parts got really active. But when it was about other people’s stuff, these brain parts were quiet.

What This Tells Us:

Two brain parts, the insular cortex and anterior cingulate cortex, work together to help us decide how important things are. For hoarders, these parts act up when they think about their things. It’s like their brains get too busy and they can’t choose. This feeling can be overwhelming and make them avoid making decisions, which leads to more clutter.

How Junk Pros NY Can Assist You: Understanding how hoarding works in the brain gives us a better idea of the challenges people face when they want to tidy up. Junk Pros NY knows that it’s not easy. We’re here to help you with decluttering.

Our Way of Helping:

  1. Personalized Care: We know it can be tough to let go of things. Our team is kind and will support you based on your needs.
  2. Quick Cleanup: If you have old furniture or extra things, we can help remove them fast and easily.
  3. Eco-Friendly: We care about the environment. Things that can be recycled or given to others will be handled responsibly.
  4. Starting Fresh: Junk Pros NY doesn’t just help you clean. We help you create a neater and happier living space.


Getting why some people hold onto stuff helps us understand how to help them tidy up. Junk Pros NY is here to support you in decluttering and making your space feel better. Don’t let extra things overwhelm you. Get in touch with Junk Pros NY today and start taking control of your surroundings!