Spring Cleaning Motivation in Hudson Valley

Why You Shouldn’t Skip on Spring Cleaning

The first day of spring this year falls on March 20th, which is right around the corner.  Soon, the weather will be changing and New York will be taking advantage of this long-awaited season.  Springtime brings about many great pastimes, many great memories, and great days for all.  It also, however, comes with some not-so-great times.  Does one of your annual activities this time of year include spring cleaning?

Spring cleaning is often a dreaded activity by those who partake in it.  While beneficial and rewarding, no one really looks forward to it.  If you need some convincing to get your spring cleaning checked off, here are a few reasons you should be excited to get this done.

It’s a Good Way to Get Rid of Any Winter Blues

It’s been a long winter already and we likely won’t see much “spring weather” at the start of spring.  If you’ve ever heard of the “winter blues,” you might be experiencing them.  During the winter, people are usually less active and get less sunlight.  These, along with other factors, commonly make people feel down during the cold months.  Combating residual feelings of winter blues is important to start spring off right!  Spring cleaning could be the answer to that because it’ll…

  • Help you be active for the day.  While most people don’t think of cleaning as a common form of exercise, it is a way to get on your feet and move around.  You’ll be burning some extra calories while you straighten up!
  • Make you feel better about your space.  No one wants to come home to a house that’s cluttered and messy.  You’ll feel so much better about yourself when you have a neat and tidy space to come home to.
  • Give you a goal to accomplish.  Putting your mind to a task is always a good way to boost your spirits.  Once it’s done, you’ll be proud of your hard work!

It’ll Minimize the Number of Pests on Your Property

Most pests were away hiding during the winter, but they always come back out.  As it starts to warm up, even slightly, we will start seeing more and more unwanted pests like rodents, bugs, snakes, and more.  One way you can keep some of these pests off your property is by having fewer places around your property for them to hide.  A clean home and clean yard aren’t as inviting as a home with lots of potential hiding spots and habitats.  De-cluttering is one way to eliminate some breeding grounds and keep unwanted pests away.

You Can Keep Your Allergies at Bay

A clean home has the power to reduce the severity of allergy symptoms.  It’s important to do a deep clean every now and then to get all of the dust, pollen, and allergens swept, dusted, and wiped out of your home.  While seasonal allergies are unavoidable when you step outside, a freshly cleaned home will greatly reduce the impact these allergens have on you.

You’ll Be Ready For All of Your Party Guests

It’s almost perfect weather to entertain guests and have cook-outs.  You’ll want your house and property in good shape for events and a deep spring cleaning is a way to get ready!  Your neighbors, friends, and family will be impressed with your space if you’re able to set aside a little time to do your spring cleaning beforehand.

Don’t put off your spring cleaning this year.  You won’t regret getting it done early in the season.  This list contains just some of the reasons you should be looking forward to a deep spring cleaning day.  With an improved mood and mental health, reduced chance of pest infestation, less severe allergies, and a great place to host your friends, you’ll be grateful you set the time aside to get this done!