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Spring Cleaning Made Simple

Confession: We’ve never met anyone that actually enjoys spring cleaning. However, it doesn’t have to hard to thoroughly clean your home. In fact, this blog will walk you through cleaning hacks for each room of your house that can make spring cleaning easy and fun! After removing items you don’t use or are too worn to keep around, you’ll feel better and your space will look better. Bulky furniture items or broken appliances can be tiring to dispose of. Without knowledge of proper body mechanics, you could even damage your property or cause personal injury. Pick the safest and most time-effective choice for your junk removal Hudson Valley: Junk Pros NY.

You can rest assured our expert team will do the job right the first time since we specialize in junk removal and demolition. If you are concerned about what items we don’t accept, we can help answer your questions. Just like spring cleaning hacks, junk removal doesn’t have to be hard! Let’s breakdown our list of hacks for each room of the house. Some hacks can be used in more than one room, like DIY potpourri, featured here:


Why do we assume that cleaning has to take a long time? There are a lot of guides that make it possible to get the job done in as little as 15 minutes. Since spring cleaning only comes once a year, we recommend taking time to declutter and sort through closets. It can be overwhelming to go through all of our clothing, shoes, and accessories at one time; however, it will end up making it quicker to find what you need when you’re short on time. Check with your local donation center before you try to donate gently used or new items like clothing to make sure they are accepted. If you want to touch up the bedroom, but need a quick fix, a lint roller is a great choice! Use it on linens, fabric headboards, or area rugs to collect hair and lint efficiently; you can finish in the time it would take you to get the vacuum plugged in.


Like other spaces in our home, the bathroom requires more consistent cleaning than just once a year. However, simple hacks with household items make cleaning a breeze. Remove fog off your mirror, get rid of hard water stains, and make your own DIY cleaner (with 4 ingredients) with these tips and tricks. To make spot cleaning easy, build your cleaning kit and store it under the bathroom sink. If you’re short on bathroom storage, keep it in a hall closet. You can even make multiple, so the kids can have one as well! Include cleaners, cleaning cloths, and any other items to complete age-appropriate chores. Making cleaning a family affair cuts down on time, as well.

Enjoy the springtime festivities, like a Spring Festival and Egg Hunt, and offer it as an incentive to kids for doing a good job cleaning.


Your kitchen is likely the most used room in your home (and one of the easiest to get dirty). It’s hard to find time to wipe down our fridge or burners as often as we should. No matter what area of the kitchen, like your countertops, cabinets, or drawers, they can be organized and sanitized in a few simple steps. Even if you want to remove stuck food from the bottom of a pan from making dinner last night, knowing easy cleaning hacks can be used anytime during the year. Items like toothpaste and mayo that you probably already have at home can remove drink rings or clean your sneakers!

Living/Family Room

Think it’ll take too long to tackle your living room? Think again. You can be finished deep cleaning your space in just 11 steps! If you have more of a minimalistic space, you might be able to skip a few steps, as well. Assign a step or two to your family members, so you get done in no time. Help make the time pass by quickly with a playlist, too! You can either customize your own or select a pre-made playlist.

Junk Removal in Hudson Valley

Whenever you’ve finished spring cleaning and decluttering your home, call Junk Pros NY to haul away your unwanted items for you! When you need junk removal, we’re the best option for you. Leave it all to us; we’ll do the heavy lifting, haul it away, and dispose of it the right way. Take advantage of the beautiful spring weather instead and spend time with your family. Do spring cleaning the right way, call Junk Pros NY today!