No Longer Using That Old Filing Cabinet? Get Rid Of It!

Getting Rid Of Your Unused Filing Cabinets

Today’s world is becoming more and more digital. Most companies can do their business paperless or use minimal paper on a day to day basis. With this shift in how we conduct our business, the need for filing cabinets is shrinking. Most likely, you haven’t touched yours in years already! It’s probably packed tight with papers you haven’t needed to reference in a long time and doesn’t serve much of a purpose in your life anymore. If this is the case, you probably want it gone. It only serves as a large obstacle in your space now. Filing cabinet removal might be the best option for you!

Why Go Without A Filing Cabinet

With this trend towards a paperless business society, filing cabinets are becoming less useful.  For the most part, they don’t store current and relevant paperwork, just paperwork from years ago.  Digitizing your business practices just makes sense during this age in technology.  If you are considering going completely paperless, we found some tips for you.  Here are 8 Ways to Go Paperless in Your Small Business and 6 Reasons Why Going Paperless Benefits Your Business according to Forbes.  There are tons of resources that will help you out if you’re trying to limit the amount of space paper takes up in your life.

Professional Filing Cabinet Removal

Did you know you have access to a team of professionals that can make your filing cabinet disappear? Junk Pros NY removes just about any unwanted items you can think of. They can make this large, heavy, and difficult-to-maneuver item vanish out of your life without you having to lift a finger! The only thing you have to do is show us where it’s at, how many you want to go and let us do our thing. It’s that easy.

What About The Filing Cabinet’s Contents?

Not sure what to do with the stacks of paper inside your filing cabinet?  Junk Pros NY can take care of that, too!  Our team can empty its contents and take all of your old paperwork and files to a recycling center.  Do you keep more than old paper in there?  That’s okay; we can take care of whatever else is stored in your filing cabinet.  We make it a priority to minimize the amount of materials we take to landfills, so we always try to recycle and donate items whenever possible.

How Does it Work?

To have our team remove your filing cabinet, you can make an appointment online or give us a call.  We’d be happy to go over filing cabinet removal pricing and set up a time that works best for your schedule.  Upon arrival, our team will give you a firm price estimate so you know exactly what to expect at payment time.  Once you’re ready, we’ll use our skills and equipment to safely transport your filing cabinet to our truck and haul it off to the proper destination.  It’s that easy!