Top 10 Items We Haul Away

Junk Pros NY Reveal the Top 10 Items They Haul Away

Junk Pros NY stands as an oasis in a world full of clutter and chaos, providing professional junk removal and dumpster rental services in Poughkeepsie to simplify life and regain control over their surroundings. In 2022 alone, Junk Pros NY removed more than 10,000 items – 10 items on each of our top ten lists were most frequently removed by us! Here we show our expertise by unveiling these top 10 frequently removed items by Junk Pros NY in 2022 alone!

Mattresses: Transforming Your Sleep Sanctuary

Upgrade your sleeping experience by saying farewell to old mattresses with Junk Pros NY’s efficient removal services for mattresses – they guarantee responsible disposal and potential recycling!

Televisions: Enhancing Your Entertainment

Upgrade your viewing experience without the stress of old televisions. Junk Pros NY provides safe removal and disposal services for TVs that contain hazardous materials.

Sofas: Welcome Change and Comfort

We’ve pulled them out of garages, out of storage sheds, and even picked them up from yards, we removed more couches than we can even count. The Junk Pros New York’s sofa removal service ensures you free up space and keep your living area stays looking its best.

Fridges & Freezers: Cooling Convenience, Responsibly

From outdated appliances to eco-friendly replacements, Junk Pros NY handles the removal of fridges and freezers, ensuring proper disposal of hazardous components.

Tires: Rolling Away the Burden

Unused tires no longer need to clutter your space. Junk Pros NY offers tire removal, ensuring these items find an eco-conscious destination.

Chairs: Making Room for New Seating

Out with the old and in with the new! Junk Pros NY helps you bid adieu to worn-out chairs, making way for fresh seating arrangements.

Pianos: Harmonious Farewell

Junk Pros NY assists in parting ways with pianos that no longer fit your space. Whether through donation or proper disposal, we ensure these instruments find a fitting new home.

Box Springs: Space for Renewed Comfort

Upgrade your sleep setup by letting go of old box springs. Junk Pros NY removes them responsibly, making room for a revitalized sleeping experience.

Washers & Dryers: Sustainable Appliance Removal

When appliances reach the end of their life cycle, Junk Pros NY steps in to responsibly dispose of washers and dryers, focusing on metal recycling for sustainability.

Treadmills: Clear Paths for Better Fitness

Unused treadmills can take up valuable space. Junk Pros NY removes these fitness machines, ensuring proper disposal while you create room for your health journey.

Conclusion: Life’s constant changes make us accumulate possessions that clutter up our spaces and hinder lifestyles, but with Junk Pros NY by your side you can say goodbye to clutter and welcome a more organized, rejuvenated atmosphere!

If you have any one of these items or more that you need removing, give us a call today at 845-552-0636 and schedule a pick-up today!