Junk Pros Full-Service Storage Unit Cleanout

Junk Pros Storage Unit Cleanout

It’s the New Year and time to rid yourself of junk. Junk Pros NY is proud to offer full-service Storage Unit Cleanout. Are you wasting hundreds of dollars a month on a storage unit? Have you forgotten what is even in the storage unit? Well, don’t stress any longer! Junk Pros NY is here to help. With one quick call, our team will be on the way to clean out that old storage unit.

Don’t waste thousands of dollars of years keeping onto items you no longer need. Your Storage Unit Cleanout doesn’t have to be a nightmare any longer. Junk Pros NY will come out on-site and give a free no-obligation estimate. All labor, taxes and disposal fees are included. We also do all the heavy lifting for you. Regardless of the location of the storage unit, your price stays the same. We will go up and down stairs or an elevator to get your job done.

Storage Unit Cleanout in Simple Steps

  • Call Junk Pros NY at 845-891-5865
  • We provide a free estimate over the phone or on-site
  • Our uniformed team members arrive within 24 hours of calling to get your job done
  • We clean out the unit of all items and even sweep after we are done
  • Once the job is complete, we accept payment (no surprises, the price we quote is the price you pay)

Don’t Waste Away Your Money Any Longer

Your Storage Unit Cleanout doesn’t have to be a headache any longer. Let the team at Junk Pros NY tackle your storage unit today! We offer fair, competitive pricing that is typically 20% less than the national franchises. Our team does our best to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the job before we leave. We understand that cleaning out a storage unit can be a headache. If there are items that you want to keep we would be glad to transfer them to your residence. Our family-owned business goes the extra mile to make sure that you are happy in the end.

Where do my items go?

Once your items have been loaded into the truck there are a few options. We make our best attempt to donate everything we take. This usually depends on the condition of the items and if we can find a place that will take the item. Recycling your used items is the right thing to do, it keeps it out of the landfill and lets it have a second home for someone less fortunate. As a last resort, your items may be brought to a landfill.

Call Junk Pros NY Today!

Don’t waste another minute and another dime. Junk Pros NY is ready to handle your Storage Unit Cleanout today! Call today for your free no- obligation on-site estimate. You can also book online and save $20.