How to Get Rid of Yard Debris

Yard Debris Removal 101

Are you tired of the debris filling your yard?  We don’t mean for our yards to become a mess, but sometimes we just don’t have the time to maintain it, so debris starts to collect.  Other times, we can’t avoid a sudden pile-up of debris due to a storm or other bad weather.  The leaves, shrubs, branches, and loose grass that fills your yard can be a huge nuisance.  All these items become an obstacle when trying to utilize the space in your yard.  There are plenty of reasons why you might want these items gone, so why wait?  You can be throwing a football around again in no time!  Here are some ways you can make it all get out of your way:

1. Haul Your Yard Waste Yourself

If you have spare time and a truck, you can remove your yard waste yourself.  You can do so by hauling it to your local dump.  Not all dumps, however, accept yard debris, so you should check online before you go!  If your local dump doesn’t take some of the items you’d like to get rid of, there are likely other centers nearby that do.  Just do some research beforehand and set aside a few hours to load everything into your vehicle to be disposed of.

2. Hire Someone Else To Do It For You

If you don’t have the time or vehicle to haul your yard debris off yourself, we can help!  Junk Pros NY is a locally owned and operated full-service junk removal team eager to help out our community!  Using our team for your yard waste removal means you don’t have to do any of the work.  We would arrive during an agreed-upon time window and give you a free, no-obligation quote on your removal.  After that, we’d do all of the work for you.  You can spend your time focusing on more important matters while we do all the loading, hauling, and disposing of your waste.  If your yard contains more than just organic debris, we’ll even sort through the stuff for donation items or recyclables.

3. Turn Your Debris Into Mulch

Want a way to put all that debris to good use?  Rent a wood chipper or mulcher!  You can clear your yard of ugly debris and create plenty of mulch to use when giving your yard a new look once it’s clean.  This is a good idea if you have a lot of branches lying around and are planning to create a garden in your yard once it’s cleared.  Two birds, one stone.  Chippers are available for rent at many hardware stores.  Lowe’s has several options available for you.

4. Check For Services Offered By Your Municipality

It’s possible that your municipality offers curbside yard debris removal services.  This option, however, does require you to still put in the work of bagging your debris and placing it at the curb.  Go online to find out if these services are offered at your exact address and, if so, what days the services are offered.  There may be restrictions on the specific items that can be collected this way.

For yard debris removal around Poughkeepsie, Junk Pros NY should be your go-to!  If you have any questions about our yard waste removal service or any of our other removal services, just give us a call.  We’d be happy to discuss our offerings with you.