Hot Tub Maintenance for Dummies

How Do I Take Proper Care of My Hot Tub?

One of the reasons some people hesitate to purchase a hot tub is because of the uncertainty surrounding hot tub maintenance.  If someone doesn’t know what goes into the proper care of hot tubs, they might not get one.  Luckily, hot tub care and maintenance are simple.  Every step is important and does require some time, but it’s well worth the warm soak you can enjoy any time you want!  Junk Pros NY recommends creating a calendar or hot tub cleaning schedule so that you don’t miss any important step in taking care of this item.  You spent a lot of good money on it, and we want to help you preserve it!  This guide breaks down what you need to do and how often to do it!  You’ll be a pro at taking great care of your hot tub!

Daily Hot Tub Maintenance

It’s important that you don’t let your water rest for too long.  Circulation is key!  Turn your hot tub on for a few minutes every day to let the water pass through your hot tub’s filter.  Some models have an automatic cycle that will make sure your hot tub runs for 15-20 minutes twice a day.  But for other tubs, you’ll need to manually turn it on and get that water flowing.  The more you run and circulate your tub, the cleaner your water will be.  This is a great way to ensure your hot tub is ready for you the next time you want to relax.

Weekly Hot Tub Maintenance

Every week, you should test your water and give your tub a quick scrub.  Testing your water’s PH level isn’t as difficult as it sounds.  You can simply dip a hot tub water test strip into your tub and follow the instructions on the test strip packaging to make any necessary adjustments to your water’s chemistry.  Most likely, you won’t find yourself needing to be a chemist every week, but small adjustments might be required of you periodically.  Additionally, take 5 or so minutes every week to lightly scrub your tub and its shell.  Both indoor and outdoor hot tubs can develop scum, so a brief scrub takes care of keeping it clean.  For outdoor tubs, remove any yard debris or creatures that found their way into your tub.  It happens!  The more frequently you get unwanted leaves or bugs out of the hot tub, the less tedious the task will be.

Monthly Hot Tub Maintenance

Every month, you should properly clean each of the filters and jets in your hot tub.  Different hot tubs have varying quantities of filters, but up to 5 is typical.  Remove your filters and hose them off carefully.  Once a month you should also scrub your jets.  Run your sponge or rag over them while you do your weekly scrub.  Check your hot tub’s shell and cover.  You already give your shell a light scrub every week, but pay attention to when it needs a deeper clean.  Similarly, your hot tub’s cover might need a good rinse every now and then.  These could develop mildew or scum, so rinse frequently, as needed.

Quarterly Hot Tub Maintenance

To keep your hot tub in top shape, there are several steps you should take every few months to keep it extra sanitary and preserve it.  While you wiped down your jets every month, your jets also need a better clean periodically.  You can do this by turning on the hot tub and adding a cleaning solution.  You can use white vinegar or a mixture of dish-washing soap and liquid bleach if you don’t have a  hot tub cleansing solution.  Turn your tub on and let the jets run.  After this, you’ll want to drain your hot tub and refill it.  Replacing your water every few months is a great way to keep your hot tub experience sanitary.  You should also replace your filters and cartridge a few times a year, although different brands and manufacturers can tell you exactly how often to do that for your particular product.  Knock all of these items out in one go every 3-6 months or so.  Do not go without replacing your hot tub water every year, at minimum.

Hot Tub Lifespan

Most hot tubs have a lifespan of about 10 years.  Cheaper or more expensive hot tubs maybe last as little as 5 years or as long as 20.  If you commit to taking the steps to properly care for your hot tub, you’ll increase the likelihood that your hot tub will last longer!  When the time comes that your tub has seen it’s last late -night dip, you can give Junk Pros NY a call and take advantage of our full-service hot tub removal.  Hopefully, your current hot tub has a long happy life ahead of it, filled with good times and great memories!