Garage Clean Out Tips from Junk Pros NY

Garage Clean Out Tips  from Junk Pros NY

A garage cleanout is an inevitable task that the majority of us must face every once in a while. Our garage seems to be the “catch-all” for all of the extra items in our lives. From holiday decorations, broken appliances, to never-ending piles for donation. Making time for a garage cleanout can bring a sense of order and reduce stress in your life.

If you have accumulated bulk items in your garage, are unsure how you will transport the junk, or are just unable to get the work done on your own, there are companies that can do the work for you, like Junk Pros NY. Junk Pros NY serves the Poughkeepsie area and specializes in junk removal of all kinds from estate clean outs, garage cleanouts, to bulk trash removal, yard waste, and even small demolition jobs. Junk Pros NY has you covered!

Junk Pros NY believes that everyone should have a clean and organized home and garage space, which is why we have created this helpful guide with tips on cleaning out your garage. 

Remove the Junk

The first step in cleaning our your garage is to cleanout your garage, literally! Take everything out of your garage so that you can assess what you have been storing inside your garage all of this time. Once you pull everything out of your garage, you will be able to determine better what you can keep, what you can donate and what needs to be thrown away.

Ask yourself questions as you are sorting through things like, “have I used this within a year?” If the answer is no, you should then be able to determine whether you can toss or donate the item. Is the item broken? Don’t hold onto items that are broken with the expectation that you will repair them; chances are you have done this in the past, and they have yet to be repaired.

Sort your items into three piles, keep, donate and junk. The items that you will be keeping will need to find a new permanent home in your newly organized garage. The items in your donate and junk pile can leave with a junk hauling company like Junk Pros.

When you contact Junk Pros NY for your garage clean out, we arrive within 24-hours from the time that you contact us to complete your junk removal job. We will remove all of your junk and we will also take your items for donation. We do everything that we can to keep as much as possible out of landfills.

Clean and prepare your Garage

Before you put anything back into your garage, you first need to clean your garage. Clean windows, workbenches, replace needed light bulbs and lastly sweep and then clean the floor.

Before you put the items, you are keeping back into your garage come up with a plan for the organization. Don’t just toss everything back in haphazardly. Adding simple shelving or places to hang tools to keep things off of the ground helps immensely with the organization.

Consider creating a space for holiday decorations, another space for tools, sports equipment and so on. Place things that you access the most often in easy to reach places. Once finished, you won’t have to rummage through bins and boxes every time you need to find something.

Once you have placed everything back inside your garage make sure you close the loop on your garage clean out and organization project by contacting a junk removal company like Junk Pros NY to help remove the excess junk. Spending a bunch of time on a big project like garage organization only to never finish because of leftover junk is a huge letdown, especially when the team at Junk Pros makes garage cleanout jobs so easy.

Don’t delay any longer on your junk removal job, contact Junk Pros NY today to schedule your garage cleanout job today.