DIY Junk Hauling in Hudson Valley New York

DIY Junk Hauling: The Pros

Are you tired of that junk sitting around your yard? Have you had enough of the space in your home being cluttered? You might be thinking about a DIY Junk Hauling project. Today we discuss the pro and cons of a DIY Junk Hauling project. Let’s start off with the pros of doing it yourself. You can save a little bit of money. By loading it yourself and driving to the local landfill there are some savings. Another Pro is you can take your time, you can do the removal little by little as you get the time. As you can see there are just a few pros. There are a lot more cons to a DIY Junk Hauling project that the team at Junk Pros NY can help you overcome.

The do-it-yourself method of junk hauling and removal has its benefits and challenges.  This is a good option for someone who likes to take on a project and is willing to put in the work to get it done.  While removing your junk, you should expect to encounter a few hardships.  First, finding the time.  Depending on your specific junk hauling needs, you may have a lot to gather and load into your car.  That isn’t a quick process, especially if you don’t have help.  One by one, you tediously go back and forth from your living room or garage to your car.  This brings us to another challenge: car space.  If you have a lot of junk, it might not all fit into the trunk of your vehicle.  It’s possible you will have to consider renting a truck that has the capacity to transport all of your junk.  With that, you will need to consider rental fees for the vehicle along with fuel expenses.

The upside to DIY junk hauling, however, includes the feeling of pride and satisfaction at the end of the day when your hard work has paid off.  If you choose to handle your junk removal yourself, be proud of your dedication to this home project.  In addition to the sense of pride you’ll surely incur, you’d also save a few bucks that would have otherwise been spent hiring a team to assist you.  Plus, this home improvement project could double as a work-out!

The Cons of DIY Junk Hauling

A junk hauling project isn’t for everyone. There are several risks involved in trying to accomplish this yourself. The biggest risk that we see and hear is an injury to your back. Junk Pros NY has a team of professionally trained individuals. Our truck team arrives with 2 uniformed individuals ready to accomplish any task. Regardless of size or weight, our team is ready to tackle the project. Don’t risk injuring your back, our team will handle all the heavy lifting for you.

Let’s talk about the right tools. Most people don’t have the right tools to get the job done. Either the trucks can’t fit all the junk or a car owner has no way to fit all the items into their car. Our full-size junk trucks are the right size to handle any Junk Hauling project. The trucks are equivalent to 6 standard pickups. No need to run to the dump multiple times, one call and he can haul it all.

Hiring a professional junk hauling company, like Junk Pros NY, could potentially be a life-saver if you’re overwhelmed by your junk.  The number one reason this is a great option is because of the convenience it provides.  Imagine how much time you’d save.  The hours you’d spend loading your junk and driving to the proper facilities could be accomplished in a fraction of the time with a team of trained pros.  Additionally, you probably haven’t factored in the time you will spend researching where to take your different types of junk.

Junk Pros NY Offers the Best Pricing Dutchess County

Cancel your DIY Junk Hauling project and let the team at Junk Pros NY handle the job. Our prices are some of the most competitive in Dutchess County. We are also typically 20% less money than a national franchise. Our Junk Hauling services start at $129 for a minimum load. They work their way through 12 different price points to a maximum load of $599 if you fill the entire truck.

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