Full Service Furniture Removal

Junk Pros NY are the pros at all things furniture removal. Our full service removals are convenient, timely, and affordable. No reason waiting to get rid of your old furniture when the pros can help!

Junk Pros NY Furniture Removal

If you have a piece of furniture that keeps getting in your way, you’re probably frustrated. Many furniture items are heavy and difficult to maneuver, dangerous even. Lifting and carrying large items could lead you to pulling a muscle or injuring yourself in some other way.  Whether you need an old couch removal, pool table removal, mattress removal, office furniture removal, or just about anything else, our team can help!

With professional furniture removal in Hudson Valley, you spare yourself the pain by letting professionals who know how to transport furniture safely take care of everything. This option is ideal for most people, who don’t have the manpower or the truck to haul large items. Junk Pros NY can do just that! Read on to find out more about this service.

Quick Turn Around

You’d be surprised just how quickly and painlessly we can take care of our customers’ furniture removals. It’s likely that we have an availability today or tomorrow, so you could get this task crossed off your list within 24 hours!

Junk Pros NY knows that you’re busy and eager to get this over with.  We don’t want to waste anyone’s time, which is why we offer convenient appointment windows for you to choose from and always arrive during that specified time period to perform your full service furniture hauling. We’ll even call you and let you know when we’re on the way so you aren’t kept waiting.

Furniture Removal Costs

Each furniture hauling job is different from the last, so to get an accurate quote, we’ll have to know exactly what we’re gonna be hauling. To talk about more specific costs, call us and discuss what your needs are. We always price our removals fairly and honestly. We don’t raise prices on the items we quote or sneak hidden fees into your costs. No surprises here.

Junk Pros NY is extremely transparent and communicates all prices upfront. This is just one of the ways we try to make your furniture removal service with us a smooth one!

Contact Junk Pros NY Today

If you’re tired of having to walk around your unused furniture or ready to clear room for new furniture, get ready to say goodbye! Junk Pros NY can have it all gone in no time. Go ahead and start planning how you’re going to use your space once your furniture is gone, because the time is near! Junk Pros NY is just a call away from getting ready to haul your unwanted furniture.

Let us know what questions you have. We’d be happy to answer them. Again, there’s no reason to procrastinate when you have a great team of professional furniture removers as a resource to you. Call or book online today!

About Furniture Hauling with Junk Pros NY

  • Call Junk Pros NY at 845-891-5865 to book a furniture removal appointment with our team.
  • We’ll make sure you approve our no-obligation estimate before we move anything.
  • When you’re ready, we’ll get to work hauling your furniture away!
  • All you have to do now is figure out what you’re going to do with all this cleared space.

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