DIY vs Professional Junk Removal in Poughkeepsie

DIY Junk Hauling and Removal in Poughkeepsie

So you’ve got too much junk in your house.  Don’t be embarrassed!  We all can be guilty of letting messes accumulate in our homes at times.  If you are overwhelmed with a junk issue, you surely want it gone.  Luckily, getting rid of your junk can be a simple task and you even have options to getting it done.  First, you can do it yourself.  DIY junk hauling can be overwhelming, but it isn’t impossible.  As an alternative, you can hire a junk removal service, like Junk Pros NY, to cross it off your list for you.  If you aren’t sure which is the best option for your needs, consider the pros and cons that both options provide.

DIY Junk Hauling: Pros and Cons

The do-it-yourself method of junk hauling and removal has its benefits and challenges.  This is a good option for someone who likes to take on a project and is willing to put in the work to get it done.  While removing your junk, you should expect to encounter a few hardships.  First, finding the time.  Depending on your specific junk hauling needs, you may have a lot to gather and load into your car.  That isn’t a quick process, especially if you don’t have help.  One by one, you tediously go back and forth from your living room or garage to your car.  This brings us to another challenge: car space.  If you have a lot of junk, it might not all fit into the trunk of your vehicle.  It’s possibly you will have to consider renting a truck that has the capacity to transport all of your junk.  With that, you will need to consider rental fees for the vehicle along with fuel expenses.

The upside to DIY junk hauling, however, includes the feeling of pride and satisfaction at the end of the day when your hard work has paid off.  If you choose to handle your junk removal yourself, be proud of your dedication to this home project.  In addition to the sense of pride you’ll surely incur, you’d also save a few bucks that would have otherwise been spent hiring a team to assist you.  Plus, this home improvement project could double as a work-out!

Professional Junk Hauling: Pros and Cons

Hiring a professional junk hauling company, like Junk Pros NY, could potentially be a life-saver if you’re overwhelmed by your junk.  The number one reason this is a great option is because of the convenience it provides.  Imagine how much time you’d save.  The hours you’d spend loading your junk and driving to the proper facilities could be accomplished in a fraction of the time with a team of trained pros.  Additionally, you probably haven’t factored in the time you will spend researching where to take your different types of junk.

With Junk Pros NY, however, all you need to do is show us what you need picked up and we will handle the rest, including where each item needs to be delivered.  When possible, we donate or recycle old items.  That’s our way of giving back and minimizing our impact on the environment by avoiding landfills when we can.  If you aren’t sure what items we accept, see our list of  commonly accepted items.  The final perk to this option is how affordable it is.  When you take into consideration the amount you would have to spend in gas to transport your junk yourself, potential rental fees, and the amount of time you’d save, it is a worthwhile investment.

The only potential con to hiring a junk removal team is the inevitable confusion you’ll be faced with when you barely recognize your own home after.  You’ll hardly know what to do with your space now that it’s free of unwanted junk!